Erosion Control & Prevention

Overholt Excavating Service Inc. specializes in Armoured Rock Retaining Walls, Steel Retaining Walls and French Drains.

Armoured Rock Retaining Walls

Armoured Rock Walls are more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly than other lake shore wall protection systems. We strive to purchase the highest quality rock available. By trucking our own stone, we are able to select and ensure that the rock is of supreme quality. The rock is in stock and available for your inspection.

Appropriate permits are always obtained prior to beginning any shoreline improvements to protect the homeowner from any potential liability from unapproved construction. Rock walls are more natural looking and can easily be altered if changes need to be made at a later date.

Steel Retaining Walls

Steel Retaining Walls are usually installed when it is impossible or impractical to get rock to a jobsite. New virgin steel is obtained from the Canadian Rolling Mills in Cambridge. Heavier grade steel is used for strength and longevity. This non-recycled steel is priced per running foot. As to not inconvenience the customer, a portable generator-welder that does not require a hydro source is used on the job site. New walls require support columns to be installed in the back of the main wall, which eliminates obstructions, promotes a straight-line beach effect and maintains wall integrity.

French Drains

Installing a French Drain is a crucial step in erosion control, as it will redirect surface and ground water from running down the bank. An 18î trench is dug 3' to 4' deep and a drain is installed at the bottom. The trench is filled with stone and topped with filter cloth and then a fine layer of topsoil. The solid drain pipe is run from the bottom of the drain to the bottom of the hill to ensure complete and effective drainage.

Septic Systems

At Overholt Excavating, we also install Conventional and Tertiary septic systems. With over 15 years experience, our installers are certified and take courses annually to retain that certification and to keep up to date on the latest technologies and installation techniques. Appropriate permits are always obtained prior to beginning any septic installation, repair or improvement to protect the homeowner from any potential liability from an unapproved system. We ensure that the required inspections (at 3 separate times during construction) are undertaken. We truck our own bed sand, which is tested for saturation. We save time and money by using our own trucks to bring and remove material from the jobsite.

Excavating & Trucking

For all your excavating and trucking needs, Overholt can supply a full array of heavy equipment including excavators, backhoes, bobcats and dump trucks. Let us take care of your foundation and septic work from start to completion. And if you need gravel or top soil delivered, we can help. Call us today!